NiCool HD

Emulsion for heavy duty metalworking in steel and aluminium. HD has excellent biostability and powerful cleaning properties.. one of Europe's most used products.


Semisynthetic emulsion for general maschining. MESA is boron and amine-free . MESA does not stain aluminium and contributes to a healthy enviroment.

NiCool MSG and SCI

Microemulsion cutting / grinding fluid with low oil content to keep machines clean and grinding wheels open. MSG has high corrosion protection and is popular for cast iron machining. SCI has the same properties as MSG but low foaming for soft water

NiCool Free

Biocide-free emulsion for general machining. Formulated for strong biostability and protection of workpieces

NiCool Y

Emulsion for machining of yellow metals

NiCool EAL

Biostable synthetic emulsion based on synthetic esters.
Designed for heavy duty machining in aluminium and steel. New technology that reduces the use of biocides and other harmful ingredients.

NiCool S1

Synthetic for machining and grinding in eg. titanium. Transparent fluid, extremely low foaming for working at pressures up to 120 bar in the aerospace industry. S1 has high biostability.

NiCool STG

Synthetic grinding fluid for toolgrinding in eg. Carbide and HSS

NiCool SG

Synthetic grinding fluid for hard water

NiCool Bio SE

Emulsion based on vegetable esters ( synthetic ) for severe operations...

NiCool GIR

Forming and rolling emulsion for galvanised steel


Cutting emulsion aproved by DWGV

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