We are leading in neatoils as well as MQLs and EALs.

Low mist, low consumption ,and protection of machines, operators and parts are our keywords.

Today's use of neatoils demand newest technology. Our range in Hydro-Cracked and PAO based neatoils can move your production to the highest standards.. We do provide a complete range in MQLs and environmental adapted lubricants EALs.

NiCool No 7

Transparent cutting oil ISO 7. No 7 has good mixing ability with slideway and hydraulic oils. Specially designed for working in aluminium and copper alloys.

NiCoolk No 8

Cutting oil ISO 8 based on hydrocrack base oils (synthetics) for machining in eg. stainless steel. No 8 has very low evaporation which reduces comsumption and oil mist. A strong alternative for machines where fire is a risk.

NiCool No 11 HD

Cutting oil ISO 11 for heavy duty machining and rolling operations in eg. stainless steel. No11 HD has a high additive content for long tool life.

NiCool No 11 NF

Forming oil for non ferrous metals. Does not stain aluminum alloys.

NiCool No 15 PAO

Synthetic cutting oil based on PAO - Polyalphaolefins. Offers extremely low levels of oilmist and a very high flashpoint

NiCool No 22

Cutting oil ISO 22 for heavy duty machining No 22 does not stain copper and aluminum alloys.

NiCool No 22 HLP

Cutting oil ISO 22 with the same properties as hydraulic and slideway oils. Perfect for machines where cross-contamination will occur.

NiCool C-TRO

Highly chlorinated :tapping, rolling and drilling oil. (Available as a foaming spray)


Extreme pressure booster

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